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    Guizhou construction building equipment co., LTD. Is a homeAClass aptitude specializing in all kinds of elevator brand sales order¡¢The installation¡¢Debugging¡¢Maintenance and repair¡¢Bijie elevator company after-sale one-stop service¡£In2017Years9Month in guizhou province bijie city administration for industry and commerce registration was established¡£In line with¡°Strives for realism¡¢Innovation¡¢Wholeheartedly for customer service¡±The aim of the£¬The company since its inception has been committed to service wholeheartedly for the user£¬Sales, with sincere and professional after-sales service has won numerous users of the trust and favor¡£In order to the elevator industry has excellent technical team£¬Good public praise of the industry and the engineering effect makes the company reputation at the same time in the development of their business£¬Also won a good reputation and market reputation£¬The company advocates to honesty£¬The spirit of service first¡¢In line with serious and responsible attitude to customers¡¢Stick to it ¡°And reliable¡¢Innovation¡¢Efficient¡¢Refinement¡±The quality policy¡£Good professional skills£¬Is the foundation of our existence£»Perfect after-sales service is the soul of our development¡£Select construction£¬Experience is to choose a comfortable and fast£¬Construction is to choose rest assured and worry¡£

    Regardless of project size¡¢Customers are available through get one-stop full solution¡£We will continue adhering to the company¡°Always think more for the customer¡±The idea of£¬Continued efforts to marketing¡¢After-sales service and technical support£¬Provide a faster service for business partners£¬Hand in hand toward the future¡£

Why did you choose us

  • Sound organizational structure

    Sound organizational structure

    Elevator company internal order to set up the comprehensive office¡¢The line of goods¡¢The sales department¡¢The engineering department¡¢Technical service center£¡
  • Strict appraisal and incentive system

    Strict appraisal and incentive system

    To do it¡¢Right¡¢The combined£¬Fully arouse the enthusiasm of the team£¬Make a clear division of responsibilities of the department£¬Take responsibility¡¢Communication cooperation¡£
  • Perfect after-sale service system

    Perfect after-sale service system

    The company set up service center£¬Set up a maintenance service special line£¬For after-sales service personnel equipped with mobile phones¡¢Motorcycle¡¢Cars and other modern communication vehicles£¬To provide users with timely¡¢Effective¡¢A good house24Hours of uninterrupted service¡£
  • High quality team

    High quality team

    Perfect¡¢Efficient after-sales service system is through the team each employee meticulous work spirit¡¢Hard work attitude and excellent performance skills¡£
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